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Discover Why beMatrix is the Rental Solution

Our partners worldwide offer a range of standard DMK and b62® frames and accessories for both rental or purchase, and we stand ready to support them in providing you the perfect solution to your next exhibit or event.

Rental solutions are ideal for:

  • As an introduction to the modular frame system
  • To supplement your existing inventory
  • For temporary projects
  • For peaks in a program account schedule
  • For show conflicts where additional properties are required

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beMatrix is active in 48 countries, and counting. The sky is the limit!


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beMatrix is take the market share rapidly.


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Keep the body, change the skin! Endless possibilities with the beMatrix frame system.


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Not hard, not normal. Wonderful building experience.

It is a great product ! It can meet all design demand and so ecnomical. It is unique in the  market.

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